Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekly Featured Seller: CreatedbyJulia

I first met Julia in the fs chat room. I was browsing through her shop, and really loved her work! So, I asked if she would like to be featured on my blog, and she accepted! Here is the interview

How did you hear about Etsy and when did you start?
My friends and family have always tried to convince me to start selling my jewelry online, but I always thought that it would not sell. Eventually, I found Etsy and I thought that it was the perfect place to sell my jewelry. I only started my store a few weeks ago, so everything is new to me. But I have sold two piece of jewelry- which is encouraging.
What is your inspiration?
My inspiration comes from the colors, textures, shapes and designs around me. Most of the time my jumping off point is the beads that I use. I try to find beads that are one of a kind. The coolest beads I have come from a bead store called the Bead House in Bristol, RI. I love their beads because they have unique colors and shapes and (I know this sounds weird) the beads have their own personality.
Do you have another job? How do you balance that and your Etsy shop?
I do not have a job, but I am still in school. So, once school starts I will have to learn how to balance between my Etsy life and my school life.
When did you start to craft?
I started making jewelry about 5 or 6 years ago. My parents gave me a jewelry kit and I remember loving it instantaneously.
What market is your shop geared towards?
Since I just started a few weeks ago, I am not exactly sure what market my jewelry is geared towards. However, I feel like that my market is for the everyday women.
Words of Wisdom from Julia:
My “words of wisdom” are to PROMOTE! I know that this advice is reiterated over and over again, but I feel that it is the most helpful piece of advice. Get yourself and your product out there- there is no harm in trying!
Love your shop! Where else can we find you?
Right now the only other place to follow me is on twitter, but I am hoping to start up a facebook account or my own blog. I will keep you informed :)