Tuesday, June 30, 2009

VIOLET Treasury On Etsy

This morning I was browsing the treasuries, and came across a really nice one! I have been wanting to post a really nice treasury here, but haven't found one that I love- until now! My favorites from my favorite treasury? The All About a Violet BOW Clutch Bag is definitely in my top! (probably number one!) This bag is made by Davie and Chiyo. You have GOT to check this shop out! I also really like the Mother and Daughter Mosaic Eggs- mixed purples. I love the blend of different shades of purples. GORGEOUS! These eggs are made by Sigmosaics and I am looking at their shop now of their pieces have an awesome blend of the, a lot different shades of a color! Another one on my top! Check out this shop! My last fave. would have to be the Egplant Dot Ring! I love the simple elegance style of the ring! This ring is made by the amazing Tre Anelli. She has a really nice shop with very affordable jewelry! Take a look-

Finally, a great big thanks to Etsy's yukabyguliz who created the VIOLET treasury! Yukaby also has a great shop with beautiful pieces! Hope you enjoyed reading my first treasury review!