Friday, July 10, 2009

Featured Seller! LathersbyLinds

For Father's Day, I ordered Lindsay's manly beer soap. I decided that I just had to get some for myself too! It is sooooo great! All of her soaps are cold process and smell fantastic!
Some questions by me and answers by lindsay

How did you hear about Etsy and when did you join?
I actually just stumbled upon etsy one day a year, 2 years ago maybe, while surfing Livejournal communities like Craftgrrl and seeing the stuff people were making (and where they sold it.) I then joined to buy items, and it was only until 5 months ago that I decided I needed to make soap and sell it! What is your inspiration?
My inspiration comes from my favorite foods, scents, flowers, and objects in nature. My boyfriend, friends, and customers help me out a LOT with scent or color combo suggestions all the time. But to be honest? I crank the local dance radio station and bounce around the kitchen while I'm making soaps!

Do you have another job? How do you balance your "real job" and your Etsy shop?
I actually do have another job! I'm the drive-thru girl at the local Taco Time! (Not taco bell!!) I work a combonation of early mornings (8-4) where I open and make taco shells, fresh salsas, and other yummy stuff! Or, I close the store in the evening (5-11pm) My job is actually really fun, and we're owned by a great guy instead of a big corporation.

When did you start to craft?
I started crafting in Girl Scouts! :D I'm a proud member, and started when I was a wee Daisy! We made candles, soaps, and tons of other crafts. It really opened my creative doors, and i started crafting in my time at home. My mother taught me how to crochet when I was 10, and I got my first sewing maching for my 14th birthday. I also learned how to knit at the age of 15, but soap making always stood out as my personal favorite. I had a melt & pour soap "company" when i was 12, but stopped making soaps until after i turned 18 and could deal with the "dangerous stuff" without my mom's permission ;)

What market is your shop geared towards?
My etsy shop is geared to anyone who wants to be clean! ;) Of course, but i do make a lot of very feminine scents. I find that usually mothers who could use a nice soothing bath love using my soaps, as well as younger women who love the yummy smelling scents, and kids as well. My boyfriend is definately my biggest fan though.. I have to tell him not to lick them!

Words of Wisdom or advice?
Always offer a helping hand! NEVER bring your internal business issues to the public, especially transaction info. Karma is always coming around, so be aware of how you behave! Don't lick the soap!

We love your shop, where else can we find you?
I can be found in a few places!

LathersbyLinds is offering a promotion where you can enter the code "JULYBLOGG" in the notes to seller section during checkout and receive a free gift with purchase! (This might be a bar of soap, lotion, bath fizzies. It's a surprise!)


Jennie said...

MmmmMmm those cupcake tops look really good :D

brannick said...

LatherbyLinds soaps look amazing!! I can't wait till I get a little extra money to buy some!!! Thanks for doing the interview with her!!