Friday, June 26, 2009

Awesome Font Site

Lately, a few local friends have asked me where I get all my cool fonts. I figured I should share my "secret site" with you! It's called This is hands down the best font site out there! Sure there is fontspace, 1001fonts, and others, but they all have the standard fonts. Kevin and Amanda have fonts that you will not find anywhere else. They have two font sections: Fonts for Peas and Scrapbooking Fonts both of which are awesome! The fonts for peas section has pea fonts, or handwriting fonts. My favorite pea font is probably Pea Carol, because it looks similiar to my own writing, and my favorite scrapbooking font is probably An Accidental Kiss and jailbird Jenna. Check out their fonts! There is probably one that looks just like your handwriting! How cool?! is my next favorite site. If I get a project and someone says "I want this font.....", I can almost always count on Dafont to have it! I hope you love these sites as much as I do!